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About Us

As an innovative, globally active company, we know how to react flexibly to the market and always supply our customers with the highest quality raw materials.

which guarantee a smooth production process in all areas of industry.

For us, being a service provider means guaranteeing you professional access to the materials that ensure a cost-effective and safe production status within your company.

Our service is the chemical composition of our company. A wide range of services, short communication channels and personal and comprehensive support make process optimization easier for you.



Thanks to our very good network worldwide, we are able to supply your company with the highest quality raw materials and represent optimal production processes and also support you in plant construction.

Corporate principles

1. We put the satisfaction and enthusiasm of our customers at the center of everything we do.

2. We ensure the quality of our products through continuous testing throughout the entire development, procurement, production and delivery processes.

3. We treat data provided to us from customers, employees and suppliers confidentially and securely.

4. We continuously train our employees in all of our company's processes and thereby exceed the applicable legal regulations.

5. We pay attention to safety at work and observe all occupational health and safety regulations to ensure the health of our employees.

6. We are constantly improving by optimizing our defined processes from customer requests to delivery of the product.

7. We take precautionary measures to avoid disruptions and thus limit potential dangers.

8. When selecting our suppliers, we pay attention to quality, reliability and sustainability.

9. We treat all resources carefully.

10. We avoid waste, dispose of unavoidable waste properly and clean our wastewater.

11. We actively promote the development of products using renewable raw materials.

12. We promote environmental awareness among our suppliers, employees and customers.

13. We inform the public about our actions.

14. We always keep up to date with changes to the law and therefore comply with all legal provisions.

Industrial chemicals​

High-quality chemicals for the chemical industry.

Automobiles, chemicals, plastic rubber, textiles, oil additives, salt, antifreeze, radiator antifreeze, metal treatment, corrosion protection agents, water treatment, paint industry, food, washing and cleaning, paper, printing, cosmetics, additives, flame retardants.

Specialty chemicals

Specialty chemicals for the chemical industry.

Acetates / bromides / chlorides / complexing agents

Antioxidants / UV absorbers / UV stabilizers

UV photoinitiators.

Water treatment

Chemical products and their possible uses in water treatment.

Plant construction

We offer problem solutions from a single source.


Technical service for water treatment systems.


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