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Chemical products and their possible uses in water treatment

Water treatment with chemical products is an effective way to make your processes safe and efficient. When selecting suitable dosing chemicals for your application, safety for operators and the environment has top priority. That's why we take care of the professional delivery and dosage of the chemicals at your location. We also provide appropriate technology to break down any harmful residues in your process and wastewater, so that only ecologically safe water leaves the system.

In addition to dosing chemicals, we also offer the necessary dosing technology. A dosing unit usually consists of a dosing container with a safety collecting tray and filling level lance, as well as a dosing pump. Here too, we only use high-quality products.

Cooling water treatment, especially legionella control according to the 42nd BImSchV

A variety of special treatment concepts are available for treating industrial cooling water circuits. We work with you to select the most suitable system for each system.

The focus here is on economic and ecological aspects. Particularly noteworthy is our flexibility to respond individually to your specifications when designing the product. To ensure the cost-effectiveness and effectiveness of our inhibitors, we regularly carry out extensive service analyzes and maintenance work, which we discuss with you in detail. Experienced field service engineers are available to you for this purpose.

Products :

-Corrosion protection additives for open and closed cooling systems

-Fouling preventer

-Fouling preventer with biodispersant

-Disinfectants and biocides

-Mixed products for corrosion protection and deposit prevention

-System technology, especially for the microbiological control of cooling water without the use of biocides

-Softener systems, reverse osmosis systems, metering pumps, measurement and control technology

 Boiler water treatment

The safe and economical operation of a boiler system is guaranteed with:

coating-free heat transfer surfaces

reliable binding of residual oxygen

strict adherence to the guidelines for food and boiler water

Competent monitoring and adjustment of the steam and condensate qualities

regular, analytical monitoring of water quality and conditioning agent concentrations

optimal support for operating staff regarding conditioning and compliance with the guidelines

CHS can meet these requirements for the conditioning agents, the service and the know-how of the field engineers in charge in all aspects of boiler water treatment. In addition to a variety of suitable treatment chemicals for feed water, boiler water, steam and condensate, we are also available to help you select the right system technology.

Products :

-Oxygen binder for various applications

-Corrosion protection additives

-scale preventer

-Neutralization products

-Mixed products

Drinking water treatment

Limescale deposits and corrosion pose a challenge for industry, commerce and private households.

In widely branched or long pipe systems such as hotels, large buildings, hospitals and drinking water networks, drinking water treatment is essential, as limescale deposits can lead to pipe constrictions and corrosion.

However, corrosion can also arise from the water balance/water ingredients, so an assessment/analysis of the drinking water is absolutely necessary. Based on this analysis, the appropriate water treatment can then be determined. Such as by adding approved conditioning products such as phosphates and silicates.


-Corrosion protection products

-Fouling preventer

-Mixed products

Green line products give you the security of meeting legal requirements.


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