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Specialty chemicals Antioxidants / UV absorbers / UV stabilizers / UV photoinitiators

UV absorber

serves as a coating and is partially absorbed into the stratum corneum of the skin. The effect of the UV absorber is based on the Stokes shift for absorbed UV radiation; for organic UV absorbers the Stokes shift occurs due to conjugated double bonds.

UV stabilizers

are chemical compounds that are added as additives to various materials, such as polymers, to protect against aging caused by UV radiation.


When used, plastics are subject to photooxidation due to photolysis. This creates various radicals that attack the material. The radicals break the main chains of the polymer and incorporate various polar compounds such as peroxides. The consequences of this degradation are loss of color, cracking and generally negative effects on physical properties.


UV absorbers and radical scavengers are used in paints to improve weather stability. It is particularly important in clear coats that the UV stabilizers used are colorless and do not change color. Due to the tendency to migrate, the base paint in two-layer systems is also equipped with UV stabilizers, although it is already protected from ultraviolet radiation by a stabilized top coat.


Photoinitiators are components of radiation-curing paint and resin formulations that can be cured in fractions of a second by irradiation with UV light. They are used, for example, in diazotype, stereolithography and multi jet modeling.

Product name CAS.Nr.
UV Absorber
UV-P 2440-22-4
UV-320 3846-71-7
UV-326 3896-11-5
UV-327 3864-99-1
UV-328 25973-55-1
UV-329 3147-75-9
UV-360 103597-45-1
UV-538 2985-59-3
UV-571 125304-04-3
UV-0 (BP-1,UV-214) 131-56-6
UV-1(UV-101) 57834-33-0
UV-1577 147315-50-2
UV-1164 2725-22-6
UV-234(UV-900) 70321-86-7
UV-944 70624-18-9
UV-622 70198-29-7
UV-770 52829-07-9
UV-3030 178671-58-4
UV-928 73936-91-1
UV-312 23949-66-8
UV absorber for coatings
UV-119 106990-43-6
UV-292 129757-67-1
UV-400 153519-44-9
UV-1130 104810-48-2 104810-47-1 25322-68-3
Further UV absorbers for coatings on request
Blocked phenolic antioxidants
Antioxidants 245 36443-68-2
Antioxidants 330 1790-70-2
Antioxidants 1010 6683-19-8
Antioxidants 1024 32687-78-8
Antioxidants 1035 41484-35-9
Antioxidants 1076 2082-79-3
Antioxidants 1098 23128-74-7
Antioxidants 1135 125643-61-0
Antioxidants 1520 110553-27-0
Antioxidants 2246 119-47-1
Antioxidants 3114 27676-62-6
Antioxidants 5057 68411-46-1
UV Stabilisatoren CAS.Nr.
Light stabilizer 119 106990-43-6
Light stabilizer 292 41556-26-7
Light stabilizer LS-622 65447-77-0
Light stabilizer LS-770 52829-07-9
Light stabilizer LS-944 70624-18-9
Further blocked phenolic antioxidants and UV stabilizers on request
UV photoinitiators CAS.Nr.
Photoinitiator UV-184 947-19-3
Photoinitiator UV-369 119313-12-1
Photoinitiator UV-651 24650-42-8
Photoinitiator UV-784 162881-26-7
Photoinitiator UV-819 75980-60-8
Photoinitiator TPO 24650-42-8
Photoinitiator TPO-L 84434-11-7
Photoinitiator UV -1173 7473-98-5
Photoinitiator BP Flake 119-61-9
Photoinitiator -DETX 82799-44-8
Photoinitiator UV-907 71868-10-6
Photoinitiator-EMK 90-93-7
Photoinitiator-BDK 90-93-7
Photoinitiator-ITX 5495-84-1
Further UV photoinitiators on request


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