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Plant engineering

We offer problem solutions from a single source

Chemie Handel Schneider GmbH sees itself as a producer and service provider in the entire solution chain for specialty chemicals, plant and environmental technology, with a focus on water treatment.

We see it as our mission to relieve the environment and conserve resources.

Together with our customers, we develop problem solutions for the efficient implementation of the set goals.

We offer expertise, security for our applications and responsibility down to the smallest detail.

Maintaining the value of our customers' technical equipment is supported by control and advice and is an essential part of our customer work.

Our customers' problems with regard to applicable guidelines, legislation and regulations are also part of our overall solution.

Our system technology includes the following components

Mechanical filtration

 Ion exchange process

 Membrane process

 Dosing technology

 Monitoring and control units

 Customer-oriented special solutions

We are providers of system technology for industrial water treatment. Our products include mechanical filtration, ion exchange processes, membrane processes, dosing technology, monitoring and control units as well as customer-oriented special solutions. We offer you high-quality and efficient solutions for your individual requirements. Contact us today for a non-binding offer.

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