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Our bee partnership

Bee partnership is a way to support the work of beekeepers and bee rescuers while learning more about the fascinating world of honey and wild bees. With a bee partnership, you are symbolically adopting a bee colony or wild bee species and helping to protect their habitat and health. Depending on the provider, you will receive various services in return, such as honey from your region, a personal sponsorship certificate, regular information about your bees or the opportunity to visit them. A bee partnership is not only a meaningful gift for yourself or others, but also a contribution to biodiversity and the sustainable development of our environment.

Bees are fascinating insects responsible for pollinating plants and producing honey. They live in large colonies consisting of one queen, many workers and few drones. The queen is the only fertile bee in the colony and lays up to 2000 eggs a day. The workers perform various tasks such as collecting nectar, building comb, storing food and tending to the brood. The drones are male bees whose sole function is to mate with the queen. Bees communicate with each other through dances, scents and sounds. They have a strong sense of direction and can remember colours, shapes and distances. Bees are very beneficial to the environment and humans, but they are also threatened by disease, parasites, pesticides and climate change.



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