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Corporate principles

1 We put the satisfaction and enthusiasm of our customers at the center of our actions.
2 We ensure the quality of our products through continuous tests during the entire development, procurement, production and delivery processes.
3 We treat data provided by customers, employees and suppliers confidentially and securely.
4 We train our employees continuously in all processes of our company and exceed the valid legal regulations.
5 We pay attention to safety at work and observe all occupational safety regulations to ensure the health of our employees.
6 We are constantly improving by optimizing our defined processes from the customer's request to the delivery of the product.
7 We avoid disruptions as a precaution and thus limit potential hazards.
8 When choosing our suppliers, we pay attention to quality, reliability and sustainability.
9 We are careful with all resources.
10 We avoid waste, dispose of unavoidable waste properly and purify our wastewater.
11 We actively promote the development of products with renewable raw materials.
12 We promote environmental awareness among our suppliers, employees and customers.
13 We inform the public about our actions.
14 We always keep up to date with changes in laws and thus comply with all statutory provisions.