Areas of application

  • Cooling water treatment to prevent corrosion, deposits and biological attack.
  • Boiler water treatment to prevent corrosion and deposits.
  • Drinking water treatment, to prevent corrosion and deposits.
  • Waste water treatment in order to comply with waste water discharge regulations.
  • Raw and industrial water treatment to prepare water from rivers, wells, etc. for operational use.
  • Plant engineering, from advice to installation of a ready-to-use. System you get everything from a single source.

Cooling water treatment

The purification and treatment of cooling water is a key issue in water treatment. In industry in particular, the number of cooling systems and the associated need for products for treating water are growing. Deposits, corrosion, and microbiological contamination impair the efficiency and disadvantageously change the hygienically perfect operation of your recooling systems. Eliminating the loss of heat transfer, device failure and risks to health and safety to a large extent ensures efficiency and cost control in the long term. In order to operate cooling systems continuously and economically, water chemistry and good monitoring of the system parameters are extremely important criteria. Together with you, we develop suitable protection measures to ensure trouble-free operation

Boiler water treatment

The cleaning and treatment of boiler water is a key issue in water treatment. All boiler systems produce hot water or steam in a certain way according to the same principle and require a certain type of water treatment to prevent scale and corrosion in the boiler and in the condensate system. In addition to protecting, cleaning the boiler surfaces and maximizing condensate recovery, the long-term successful operation of a boiler system requires optimal treatment of the feed water to the desired level of quality.

Drinking water treatment

The purification and treatment of drinking water is a central issue in water treatment. Limescale deposits and corrosion pose a challenge for industry, trade and private households. In widely branched or long pipe systems such as In hotels, large buildings, hospitals and drinking water networks, the treatment of the drinking water is essential, since limescale deposits can lead to pipe constrictions and corrosion. Corrosion can also arise from the water balance / water constituents, so that an assessment / analysis of the drinking water is absolutely necessary. The appropriate water treatment can then be determined on the basis of this analysis. How by adding approved conditioning products e.g. Phosphates and silicates.

Plant engineering

At the request of our customers, we develop special concepts tailored to our customers for different areas of application in plant engineering. Below you will find an overview of our product group "System technology", which gives you an insight into our range of services: • Filtration systems • Softener systems: • Decarbonisation plants • Full desalination plants • Ultrafiltration systems • Complete sewage systems • UV disinfection • Water recycling concept • Filter systems • Dosing systems, dosing pumps, complete dosing equipment • Polyelectrolyte preparation and dosing stations • Blow-down devices. • Conductivity meters, pH meters. • Membrane for reverse osmosis systems, filters in various pore sizes. • System separator, backflushable prefilter • Water analysis e.g. De-icing, backwashable fine filters, etc. For industry or home use. From 40l / h to 40m³ / h pure water output (larger systems on request).